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Piedad de Diego started her business in 1985 at a small shop in Madrid. Soon, her great restlessness and creativity took her to design her own fur garments and, in just two years, she opened her second store –with her own studio- in one of Madrid’s most commercial areas, where she started to offer her amazing mink creations. From the very first day, she gained the trust and loyalty of her customers, who trusted her entirely, confident in Piedad de Diego’s “Made in Spain” perfectionism and good taste. Today, she keeps focusing every effort to offer a highly personalised customer service at her boutique in 90 Lagasca Street (Madrid’s Golden Mile), with her own studio.

Being a demanding and tenacious woman, she has been able to transfer her passion for this art to her son, Óscar de Diego. Together they prepare the way for the future of the brand and a new expansion process -even internationally- as she did 25 years ago to become a point of reference of high fashion furs in Madrid.


Her style

Fashionable, cutting-edge, cosmopolitan, urban… for women who are in love with unconventional furs. Piedad de Diego’s style combines fashion trends with her own creativity. Daring at times, but always distinguished and elegant, this character is underpinned by perfect design and pattern making, seeking comfort to enjoy our furs at any time.

The utmost quality of the furs she uses ensures that her creations are lifelong, both made-to-measure garments and collection pieces. In this regard, Piedad de Diego selects the best furs from the most disparate sources: lynx, sable, pine martens, chinchilla, merinos, Scandinavian mink and American mink (unusual in the Spanish market).

Consequently she offers artisan pieces in a wide variety of designs and cuts, taking care of every last detail, from linings to buttons and finishes, as if her shop was a fur tailor’s, both in customer service and the final result.


Collection 2013/14 

On the basis of her tremendously personal style, Piedad de Diego has created a striking collection, full with contrasts in textures and colours. Long hair fox and mink pieces, mixed together, leaving behind the burled designs of other seasons. And she continues the black and white trend, accompanied by a wide range of colours and the presence of animal print in some of the unique pieces that are part of the “MADE IN SPAIN” Collection.

The collection includes a selection of garments for adventurous men and ‘not-that much’ adventurous men. It is made up of very special pieces, such as fox vests or mink coats. 

A wide range of accessories for this season’s total looks is available.


The Studio

Details make the difference. Therefore, Piedad de Diego supervises the whole creative process of the garments at her studio, as if it were a precision laboratory. She monitors cuts and defines made-ups, always with an aim to highlight the peculiarities of each and every fur, giving her personal touch to stylish finishes.

At her atelier, any piece can also be altered or updated to the latest fashion trends.

A preservation chamber ensures optimal temperature and humidity conditions for the perfect care of the furs.


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